Bordeaux, France: Vignobles Henri Bourlon

Passionate about winegrowing, Henri Bourlon has always advocated quality for protecting the environment. In 1960, he was the joint-founder of ‘Connaissance et respect des Vins de France’, the only consumers’ association acknowledged by the European Union. In 1993, he set up a network of weather stations in his vineyards; using a specific software programme, it can define the precise characteristics of each vine illness as soon as it appears, in order to indicate the critical point when treatment becomes necessary. If this is done early enough it prevents contamination spreading. The result is that Henri Bourlon Wine Estates are approved for their exemplary “Rational Vine Growing” techniques. For 3 generations, Henri Bourlon and his family have had only one motto: "produce a great wine while respecting the land that our parents have left us and that we must pass on to our children". Today Brigitte the daughter of Henri Bourlon and her husband Éric are convinced that the quality of wines from the family vineyard is directly linked to the respect they bring to this terroir they love. The organic certified vineyard extends over a magnificent site of clay and limestone hills northeast of Saint Emilion. The greatest care is taken to maintain the vineyard so that it naturally resists parasites with the least possible treatment. Thus, each vine and therefore a glass of wine preserves the natural riches of the region intact.