Southwest France, France: Clos Lapeyre

This family farm was traditional dedicated to mixed farming with livestock, small fruits and grapes which were taken to the local cooperative. From 1985 onwards, the estate was turned over exclusively to viticulture when Jean-Bernard Larrieu gave birth to Clos Lapeyre, farming his vines, fermenting his grapes, aging his wines, bottling and then selling them. In 2000, the vineyard covered about 10 hectares and then in 2004 it grew when the magnificent, old vineyards of Domaine de Nays-Labassère were taken over, with an extra 7 hectares in the heart of Chapelle-de-Rousse. Certified organic viticulture licensed by Qualité France, soils are plowed in Spring between the rows and the vines to aerate the soils and promote deep rooting. A simple and traditional cellar with small means of intervention as the wine is really made in the vineyards. Used are stainless steel tanks for the fruit-driven range of wines and barrel cellar with foudres for the other cuvées.