Southwest France, France: Domaine Berthoumieu

Domaine Berthoumieux was founded in the 1850’s in the commune of Viella (the heart of the area of the famous Three Musketeers of Louis XIV). After being passed down through the generations it was taken over by Marie-Line and Didier Barré, who took over for his father Louis in the 1990’s. On his 26 hectares, Didier Barré confesses unlimited admiration for the Tannat, the 'king' grape of the Madiran area. A modern-day musketeer, he contributes to the reputation of this magnificent Gascon terroir. He can be credited with turning the domaine into one of the references of the appellation. The wines offer tremendous character and style, genuine vins de terroir and some of the best in the appellation. The domaine has two different plots: one on a pebbly clay plateau to the west of the village facing south towards the Pyrenees, and the other a gravelly slope facing south east to the east of the village. It is the land of the Musketeers, Charles de Batz who was born in nearby Lupiac, was the original Comte d’Artagnan and gives his name to Berthoumieu’s premium cuvées of Madiran and sweet Pacherenc du Vic-Bilh.