Tempier Rosé
₱ 3,000.00 ₱ 3,000.00 3000.0 PHP
This pale salmon rose wine from Provence (France) is THE BENCHMARK for French roses and has aromas and notes of rosemary, ripe stone fruit and citrus. It is the perfect wine to have with garlic toasts, salty cheese and olives soaked in oil. Available for deliveries within Metr...
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Tempier Blanc
₱ 3,325.00 ₱ 3,325.00 3325.0 PHP
This white wine from Provence (France) is a blend of Clairette, Bourboulenc and Ugni Blanc. It has lots of minerality and freshness with citrus and white flowers on both nose and palate. As it ages, it develops more honeyed aromas and flavors. Good on its own or with some ligh...
Cuvée Cabassaou
₱ 8,790.00 ₱ 8,790.00 8790.0 PHP
This dense rosé red wine from Provence (France) in Domaine Tempier packs a punch. It has aromas of cherries and sweet spice with some toasty notes on the palate. This is one rosé you can drink with more intensely flavored poultry dishes and even some pork roast. Available for...
Cuvée Classique
₱ 3,660.00 ₱ 3,660.00 3660.0 PHP
This deep red wine from Provence (France) has notes of cocoa, dark fruits and sweet spice on both nose and palate. It’s a well-rounded wine with chewy tannins, some spice and good acidity. Good with steaks, casseroles and other heavy stews. Available for deliveries within Metr...
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Cuvée La Migoua
₱ 5,930.00 ₱ 5,930.00 5930.0 PHP
This red wine from Provence (France) in Domaine Tempier is 50% Grenache and has floral notes and some red fruits on the nose. On the palate, you get more savory flavors backed with a good tannin structure. A good wine to serve with boldly flavored dishes. Available for deliver...
Cuvée la Tourtine
₱ 5,930.00 ₱ 5,930.00 5930.0 PHP

An age worthy red wine from Provence (France) to be kept for at least 10 years! Available for deliveries within Metro Manila.

Grape Variety / Blend: mourvedre, grenache, cinsault
Winery / Estate: Domaine Tempier