Single Malt Whisky ~ Blossoming Auld Sherried ~ 45% ~ 700mL
₱ 25,900.00 ₱ 25,900.00 25900.0 PHP
This single malt whisky from Michel Couvreur is his remake of the legendary malt whiskies of the Victorian era. It opens with fragrances of Sherry, maple syrup, flowers, vanilla, and dried fruits. Mellow and long in the mouth, with a nice balance between Sherry’s warmth and th...
Calvados ~ Hors D’âge
₱ 5,780.00 ₱ 5,780.00 5780.0 PHP
A fantastic apple brandy from Normandy (France). With Pleasant aromas with good complexity, lightly wooded. Fruit aromas of apple and banana. Floral hints of rose and jasmine. Develops in complexity when smelt again after swirling—pairs well with glazed ham, roasted pork, soft...