Who is Arianna Occhipinti

The woman behind SP68

 To many, Arianna Occhipinti is an icon in the world of wine. As young as she is, she has made history in more ways than one. Her passion for wine is seen not only from her astounding creations, but from her methods and practices. 

She says what ignited her passion for wine started when she was just 16 years old when she worked for her uncle who took her to Vinitaly, the large wine show in Verona. She was inspired enough to take up oenology, the study of wine at a university in Milan. It gave her distress when she learned of the emphasis on chemistry and lab work versus the natural methodology her uncle did, which was what made her fall in love with wine. At the age of 22 was able to produce her first vintage the way she wanted to, naturally and traditionally.

Her wine is the way it is because she believes that one should respect wine as if it was a person. A person who takes with him/her a world, a history, and an atmosphere. She says that she has no “formula” when it comes to winemaking, but they are produced from her experience.

Arianna applies biodiversity through balance and respect. She admits that while her wine is a natural wine,, it is first a territory wine created out of respect for the land and vineyard. She creates wines with no chemical or anything like that for it is a healthy wine out of respect for whoever consumes it. 

It is a good wine because it is with constant love from who made it.

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