Domaine Jean Maréchal Wines

Nestled in the heart of Burgundy, France, Domaine Viticole Maréchal is a family-run winery with a rich history and a dedication to crafting exceptional wines. The Maréchal family has been tending to their vines in Mercurey with passion and precision for several generations, ensuring that each bottle encapsulates the essence of each cru. The domaine's philosophy is deeply rooted in respect for nature and tradition. They employ sustainable practices in their nine hectares of vineyards, such as using organic fertilizers and maintaining a balanced ecosystem. The winemaking process is a blend of time-honored methods and modern techniques. The grapes are carefully handpicked and sorted to ensure only the best fruit is used. Fermentation takes place in temperature-controlled conditions, followed by aging in french oak barrels, only a few of which are new, which adds depth and character to the wines without overpowering the natural flavors.

  • Adega de Borba
  • Azienda Agricola COS
  • Azienda Agricola Occhipinti
  • Bodegas Itsasmendi
  • Brunori Azienda Vitivinicola
  • Cantine Polvanera
  • Cantine San Marzano
  • Casa Castillo
  • Castello di Verduno
  • Cave Anne de Joyeuse
  • Celler del Roure
  • Cellers de Can Suriol - Azimut
  • Champagne Drappier
  • Chateau de Roquefort
  • Chateau de Villeneuve
  • Chateau Falfas
  • Chateau de la Liquière
  • Chateau Lamartine
  • Chateau Tire Pe
  • Clos Lapeyre
  • Cox Winery
  • Domaine Belliviere
  • Domaine Bernard Baudry
  • Domaine Berthoumieu
  • Domaine Champalou
  • Domaine Louis Chèze
  • Domaine Clavel
  • Domaine de la Plante d’Or
  • Domaine de la Rochelierre
  • Domaine de la Sarazinière
  • Domaine de Mirail
  • Domaine des Terres Dorées
  • Domaine du Colombier
  • Domaine du Grand Arc
  • Domaine du Pech
  • Domaine la Roubine
  • Domaine Michel Redde et Fils
  • Domaine Mittnacht
  • Domaine Ostertag
  • Domaine Pierre Usseglio
  • Domaine Tempier
  • Domaine Thevenet
  • Envinate
  • Ermitage du Pic Saint Loup
  • False Bay Vineyards
  • Forjas Del Salnés
  • Francois Labet
  • I Tre Poggi
  • Maestro Tejero
  • Cave Producteurs Plaimont
  • Telmo Rodrìguez
  • Tenuta delle Terre Nere
  • Vignerons d'Estezargues
  • Vignoble des Verdots
  • Vignobles Henri Bourlon
  • Vinibio
  • Waterkloof Wines
  • Il Carpino
  • Domaine Jean Maréchal
  • Mas Del Perié
  • Clos Puy Arnaud
  • Famille Dupont
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