Zuccardi: A Visionary and Forward-Thinking Family

Zuccardi Wines symbolizes an innovative, visionary, and forward-thinking family estate established in the foothills of the Andes Mountains in Mendoza, Argentina.

Founded in 1963 by Alberto Zuccardi, the winery started as a modest venture with a vision to produce exceptional wines reflective of Mendoza's unique terroir.

Today, under the leadership of the third generation, Sebastián Zuccardi, the winery continues to push its boundaries and redefine excellence in winemaking. Sebastián continues to uphold the legacy of his grandfather, Alberto, and his father, José. Sebastián's objective remains unchanged - to craft wines of utmost purity that truly reflect the unique terroirs of the majestic Andes Mountains.

Over the years, the family's dedication and passion for winemaking have propelled Zuccardi Wines to the forefront of the industry. Sebastián’s grandfather Alberto, recognizing the vital importance of water management in a region plagued by drought, began exploring novel irrigation systems composed of concrete pipe. In 1963, he took the initiative to plant a vineyard in the Maipú region, to showcase his irrigation system to fellow farmers. Little did he know that this humble endeavor would ignite a lifelong devotion to his newfound passion.

In 2005 Sebastián decided to spearhead the advancement of further wine production by the winery by venturing into the Uco Valley. Since 2008, Sebastián has been the head of the “Research and Development Department” of the winery, committed to exploring the intricacies of terroir and the multitude of factors that influence the production of wine. His primary objective is to produce wines that embody a distinct identity by extensively exploring the array of diverse terroirs. He truly believes in those places, and he tries to make wines that express the unique characteristics of each vineyard.

Central to his winemaking philosophy is a deep respect for the land and a commitment to sustainable practices. His approach is focused on simplicity, allowing each area to express its unique character. He prioritizes balance and opts for using used oak barrels to allow the wine to maintain its freshness. In contrast, he also has a strong affinity with concrete due to its historical significance when it was brought to the New World by European immigrants.

With vineyards spread across the diverse terroirs of Mendoza, including the renowned Uco Valley and Tupungato, Sebastián Zuccardi meticulously cultivates each one. Sebastián’s philosophy embraces the concept of "Mountain Wines": his winemaking strategy focuses on high-altitude vineyards, where cooler temperatures and optimal sun exposure result in grapes of exceptional quality and complexity.

Altitude plays a crucial role – the vineyards sit between 1,000 and 1,700 meters above sea level, resulting in grapes with intense concentration and vibrant acidity. Each of the estates is meticulously managed, with strategic planting of vines best suited to the various specific micro-climates and terroir.

Zuccardi practices sustainable viticulture, employing techniques that minimize environmental impact while maximizing grape quality. They carefully manage irrigation, minimize chemical interventions, and promote biodiversity within their vineyards. This dedication to responsible viticulture ensures not just exceptional wines but also the long-term sustainability of their mountain terroir for future generations.

Sebastián wants to produce wines that tell the story of the area from which they come.

Series A Malbec:

Zuccardi's Series A Malbec epitomizes the essence of Argentine winemaking: the meticulous work of separating plots and types of soil for harvesting allows the grapes to be harvested throughout the vineyards only when they are perfectly ready, thus showing the great diversity that characterizes the Uco Valley. This wine boasts a velvety texture and intense notes of ripe blackberries, plum, and a hint of spice. Part of the wine is aged in French oak barrels. On the palate, it is voluptuous, with good development and delightful juiciness. This well-structured wine features a touch of oak, along with smooth and soft tannins. The keywords of this wine are a harmonious balance of fruitiness, elegance, and freshness. The wine can be perfectly paired with grilled and roasted red meats, such as lamb cutlets, grilled pork chops, and steak.

Series A Bonarda:

Made from 100% Bonarda grapes that are grown in the sun-drenched vineyards of Mendoza, this wine exudes aromas of dark cherries, blueberries, and a touch of vanilla. It has a smooth and velvety palate, complemented by soft tannins and a lingering finish. The grapes undergo a careful selection process before they are fermented in stainless steel tanks. After fermentation, the wine is aged in French oak barrels for six months. Enjoy this wine with beef ribs, meatballs, or pulled pork.

Poligonos San Pablo Malbec:

Crafted from grapes grown in the  esteemed San Pablo vineyard, this single-vineyard Malbec exemplifies the terroir-driven approach of Zuccardi Wines. San Paolo is a region where the soil is alluvial, characterized by calcareous gravel, and a very cool climate. On the palate, flavors of ripe black fruit, violets, and graphite unfold gracefully, leading to a long and satisfying finish. This is the ideal wine to pair with traditional Argentine cuisine such as "asado," "choripanes," or meat empanada.

Poligonos Gualtallery Malbec:

Named after the Gualtallery vineyard in the Uco Valley, this Malbec entices with aromas of red fruits, violet, and a touch of cedar, leading to a palate of lush fruit flavors, supple tannins, and a lingering finish. An impeccable expression of balance and complexity, it pairs perfectly with grilled and roasted red meats.

Poligonos Tupungato Sémillon

This wine offers a refreshing and aromatic expression of the region's terroir. Sourced from the old-vine vineyards in the Tupungato Valley, this Sémillon dazzles with its bright acidity, vibrant citrus notes, and hints of white flowers in the nose and in the aftertaste. Fermented and aged in oak barrels, the wine gains complexity and depth, while retaining its youthful charm and freshness. The perfect pairing is with grilled and roasted white meats, as well as with paella.

Sauvignon Blanc Tupungato:

Capturing the essence of the Tupungato Valley, Zuccardi's Sauvignon Blanc is a vibrant and expressive wine that delights the senses. Grown in the cool-climate vineyards of Tupungato, the grapes develop intense aromas of tropical fruits, citrus, and fresh herbs. On the palate, the wine bursts with flavors of grapefruit, passionfruit, and a hint of minerality, framed by crisp acidity and a lingering finish. The wine is fermented on its skins (1 week) in concrete amphora. It pairs well with seafood, vegetarian cuisine, and fresh cheese.

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