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The global wine industry uses over a thousand grape varieties. Over fifty red varietals are in rotation, but only ten are popularly known and commonly available in the market. As such, daunting can be the choice of a red wine for an occasion.

The hue of any red wine can yield hints to its bouquet and overall flavor. The degree of color in red wine – from pale purple to garnet to almost black – comes from pigments present in the skin of the grape. Despite the multitude of grape varieties, color can aid wine enthusiasts in predicting the characteristics of a wine prior to tasting.

The maceration and pressing disperses color from the skin of the fruit into the wine as it influences the depth of color and flavor in the end product. Paler red wines are typically subtle in taste and aroma, while full-bodied and robust reds can be virtually opaque. Medium red wines can taste anywhere between full and light reds, yet one can take a note from its color to estimate taste and mouthfeel, for example. The types of fruit notes of a wine also come into play; dark fruits like currant are found in full-bodied wines, and red fruits like cherry in more delicate ones.

Wine color can assist you in making a better choice of drink in a store or restaurant.

The pomp of a Telmo Rodriguez Tabuerniga complements the heft and decadence of slow-cooked stews and adobos. A medium red San Marzano Primitivo plays well with casual barbecues and quick pan-fried meats. A light red wine like a Tenutta De La Terre is in good company with salads and appetizers.

Our expansive wine list sorts our offerings by origin, grape variety, style, and food pairings – among other practical tidbits of information for the expert and uninitiated alike. Origine can help you choose from a vast range of premium options, with red wine for any mood,  any event, and– as important – any dish.

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