Probing Provence

The first vineyards in France were established about 2,000 years ago in Provence. Located in the southeastern part of France and hemmed in by the Mediterranean Sea, Rhone river, and Côte d'Azur, much of the area receives a lot of sun and wind. 

The landscape of Provence is typically a short scrubland rooted in limestone and dense oak thickets. The warm climate and craggy landscapes host many prominent grapes, although mostly hostile to large-scale agriculture.

Beautiful Photos of Provence from our 2010 Visit

Our quest for authentic artisan wines and rigorous selection campaigns that started more than a decade ago led us to two well-regarded wine estates that provide an excellent expression of the region.

Domaine Tempier creates authentic wines that balance strength and delicacy—produced from small amounts of single vineyards to highlight their terroirs and old vines. The domain existed as early as 1834, but its first wine was bottled in 1943. The winery started to gain global recognition in the 1960s, and their achievements to date have set a highly esteemed level of excellence.

AOC Bandol

Bandol Rosè (₱ 3,000)

This pale salmon wine is THE BENCHMARK for French rosés and has aromas and notes of rosemary, ripe stone fruit and citrus. It is the perfect wine to have with garlic toasts, salty cheese and olives soaked in oil.

Cuveè Cabassaou (₱ 8,790)

This dense rosé from Domaine Tempier packs a punch. It has aromas of cherries and sweet spice with some toasty notes on the palate. This is one rosé you can drink with more intensely flavored poultry dishes and even some pork roast.

Cuveè Classique (₱ 3,660)

This deep red wine has notes of cocoa, dark fruits and sweet spice on both nose and palate. It’s a well-rounded wine with chewy tannins, some spice and good acidity. Good with steaks, casseroles and other heavy stews.

La Migoua (₱ 5,930)

This red cuvée from Domaine Tempier is 50% Grenache and has floral notes and some red fruits on the nose. On the palate, you get more savory flavors backed with a good tannin structure. A good wine to serve with boldly flavored dishes.

Chateau Roquefort features biodynamic cultivation of organic vineyards at 390 meters altitude—which brings freshness to their vino. Wines from the estate are described as “joyful wines” for people who seriously enjoy drinking for pleasure. Their vineyards have been certified bio since 2006.

AOC Cotes de Provence VDP Bouches du Rhone VDP de Mediterranee

Corail Rose (₱ 1,430)

Delicate, spicy notes of citrus fruits. Lively on the palate with notes of white fruits, citrus and hints of fennel. Clean and refreshing finish. Best with duck confit, pork, and seafood dishes.

Gueule de Loup Red (₱ 1,430)

The wine is deeply colored, almost violet. The nose is dominated by notes of red fruit and red currant. Full-bodied yet fresh, it goes well with lamb and other hearty meats.

Les Genêts White (₱ 2,000)

It’s color is a clear, white gold. It has a fine nose with a floral, precise character and aromas of white fruit, pear, citrus fruit, boxwood in bloom and a hint of flintlock. In the mouth it is lively and very close to the grape, without artifice – a good length! Good with gnocchi or even pesto pasta.

Petit Salè (₱ 1,430)

This wine is pale straw in color with aromas of white flowers, white peach and Meyer lemon. On the palate it is crisp and fresh with limestone and flint. Petit Sale means little salt which describes the local grape Clarette (small and white and round) but also refers to the hint of salinity in the wine. This is good to drink with fish and other seafood.

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