Brut Nature Zéro Dosage
₱ 3,550.00 ₱ 3,550.00 3550.0 PHP
A pale yellow champagne wine from France with small and constant bubbles. It boasts a complex and intense aroma of mature white fruit. The palate is soft and BONE DRY (no additional dosage) but elegant. Specially recommended for toasts, celebrations, and light meals. Available...
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Camas Pinot Noir
₱ 750.00 ₱ 750.00 750.0 PHP
This red wine from Languedoc-Roussillon (France) has a pretty cherry red in color. It has a slightly kirsch red fruit nose with a lively and fresh mouth. Serve with a shoulder or a leg of lamb stuffed with garlic with white beans on the side or simply as an aperitif accompanie...
Carte dOr Brut
₱ 3,335.00 ₱ 3,335.00 3335.0 PHP
This champagne wine from France has a aine aromatic richness, opening with aromas of stone fruits such as white vineyard peach. A spicy hint announces a powerful and complex palate. A vinous Champagne of vinous complexity with a characteristic note of quince jelly. Ideal as an...
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Cox Pinot Noir
₱ 895.00 ₱ 895.00 895.0 PHP
This pale ruby colored white wine from Southwest France (France) is soft, ripe and easy to drink. Lots of strawberry and some mushroom aromas. Tannins are light with a touch of crisp acidity and rusticity. Good with light poultry dishes. Available for deliveries within Metro M...
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La Vie En Rose Brut
₱ 2,130.00 ₱ 2,130.00 2130.0 PHP
This rich and dry sparkling rose wine from Alsace (France) is crisp with notes of green apple and lemon peel. Bubbles are fine and linger on the palate. Good on its own or with light appetizers and cheeses. Available for deliveries within Metro Manila.Grape Variety / Blend: pi...
Francois Labet Pinot Noir
₱ 1,115.00 ₱ 1,115.00 1115.0 PHP
A classic Pinot Noir with a touch of the Mediterranean. This light ruby red wine from Corsica (France) has aromas and flavors of dark cherry, violets, sweet spice and a touch of earthiness. Its refreshing acidity makes it a good food wine. Try it with roast chicken or duck. Av...
Fronholz Pinot Noir
₱ 5,215.00 ₱ 5,215.00 5215.0 PHP
This structured, refined and elegant red wine from Alsace (France) made of Pinot Noir from Domaine Ostertag has notes and flavors of fleshy red berries and sweet spice. Perfect with veal dishes such as escalope and veal stew. Available for deliveries within Metro Manila.Grape...
Grande Sendrée
₱ 7,040.00 ₱ 7,040.00 7040.0 PHP
This champagne wine from France has a pale yellow robe with topaz nuances. Hawthorn blends with acacia honey, beeswax and marzipan. When it is aerated, the wine shows some quince jelly meets raspberry jam and alternates with bergamot and warm brioche. On the palate it is invig...
Pinot Noir de Bourgogne
₱ 2,040.00 ₱ 2,040.00 2040.0 PHP
Three well-sited little plots that face the setting sun are behind this red wine from Burgundy (France). The vines are pruned using the short, cordon method that gives little berries. This Burgundian variety was already to be found in our region at the beginning of the 20th ce...
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Millésime Exception
₱ 4,515.00 ₱ 4,515.00 4515.0 PHP
This champagne wine from France has a very complex, rich nose revealing hints of white fruits, almond and fresh ginger. In the mouth it is lightly creamy with good tightness and a suggestion of brioche. A floral touch testifies to the high proportion of Chardonnay while the de...
Pinot Noir Le Rouge Est Mis
₱ 1,990.00 ₱ 1,990.00 1990.0 PHP
This red wine from Alsace (France) is pale ruby in color with aromas of ripe cherry and raspberry with some earthiness. Mouthwatering acidity with ripe red berry notes, savory herbs and a touch of spice. Tannins are soft and elegant. Good to pair with a slightly salty cheese,...
Premier Cru Brut
₱ 2,790.00 ₱ 2,790.00 2790.0 PHP
A champagne wine from France with a lovely golden color and aromas of biscuits and flowers. Weighty and concentrated but fresh. It is wonderful on its own or with cheeses and light appetizers. Available for deliveries within Metro Manila.Grape Variety / Blend: pinot noir, char...
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Rosé de Saignée
₱ 3,615.00 ₱ 3,615.00 3615.0 PHP
The nose of this champagne wine from France reveals red fruits and violet aromas with notes of pepper and sweet spice on the palate. This is a rich Rose Champagne made with the maceration of Pinot Noir. Could definitely stand up to poultry dishes and some cheeses. Available fo...
₱ 4,225.00 ₱ 4,225.00 4225.0 PHP
This Champagne from Champagne (France) color is golden-grey to the eye. A very fine, persistent bubbles. Elderberry and violet notes. The limestone minerality is softened by the pinot pulp. A harmonious balance between the discreet dosage and the lovely bitter flavors. Pairs w...
Pinot Noir Vignoble d’E
₱ 2,645.00 ₱ 2,645.00 2645.0 PHP
This smooth, elegant and balanced red wine from Alsace (France) made of Pinot Noir is dry with hints of red berries and spice. Nice food wine to go with pork roasts and duck. Available for deliveries within Metro Manila.Grape Variety / Blend: pinot noirWinery / Estate: Domaine...
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Francois Labet Pinot Noir 2017
₱ 1,115.00 ₱ 1,115.00 1115.0 PHP

Bourgogne Cuvée Gravel
₱ 2,980.00 ₱ 2,980.00 2980.0 PHP
This red wine from Burgundy (France) has notes of strawberries and some vanilla. A medium body with medium but relatively soft tannins despite its youth. Nice balanced acids. Paired with beef, game, and poultry. Available for deliveries within Metro Manila.Grape Variety / Blen...
Chorley Les Beaune
₱ 3,850.00 ₱ 3,850.00 3850.0 PHP
A very pleasant wine. Bright, clear red colour from Burgundy (France), aromas are surprising in their intensity and fruit. On the palate, a tender, supple, graceful, round body. Very flavourful in the aftertaste, with a hint of blackberry jam. Paired with creamy beef strew. Av...
Auxey Duresses
₱ 3,850.00 ₱ 3,850.00 3850.0 PHP
Ruby colour wine from Burgundy (France), has a very expressive bouquet evoking scents of red fruits, mushrooms and oak ry, medium bodied with a good medium acidity and soft tannins. It shows classic red burgundy notes living up to the nose. Paired well with beef, veal, and gam...
Savigny Les Beaunes Vieilles Vignes (Red)
₱ 4,325.00 ₱ 4,325.00 4325.0 PHP
This red wine from Burgundy (France) offers an aromatic expression of lemon, and almonds, with a great minerality in the background. Mineral and lively attack, followed by freshness and finesse where citrus notes dominate, and a round finish. Pairs well with goat cheese and wh...