Altos Lanzaga
₱ 7,915.00 ₱ 7,915.00 7915.0 PHP

This red wine from Telmo Rodriguez has very good flavors of red berries and flowers. It is well-balanced with great length and persistence. A little reserved and closed in youth, it drinks better as it ages. Perfect with small game and red meats.

Bushvine Pinotage
₱ 790.00 ₱ 790.00 790.0 PHP

This wine is as elegant as Pinotage can be! Rich and soft with spicy red fruits on the nose. Well balanced and rounded, it reveals juicy fruit on the palate with a soft, balanced finished. This wine is easy to drink and is the perfect match for pork belly or barbecue.

Camas Merlot
₱ 750.00 ₱ 750.00 750.0 PHP

Spicy aromas of red fruit escape from its elegant nose. In the mouth, the blackcurrant dominates with a very harmonious finish. Perfect with red meats or a Limoux Fricasse.

Camas Pinot Noir
₱ 750.00 ₱ 750.00 750.0 PHP

Pretty cherry red in color. It has a slightly kirsch red fruit nose with a lively and fresh mouth. Serve with a shoulder or a leg of lamb stuffed with garlic with white beans on the side or simply as an aperitif accompanied by some tapas.

₱ 1,410.00 ₱ 1,410.00 1410.0 PHP
The nose emerges with aromas of ripe red plum, cassis, spicy raspberry, red currant, dried herbs, tobacco leaf and dried orange peel. It has a wonderful balance and bursts with intense ripe fruits and wild red berries on the palate, confirming the Rioja style. Best with Rioja-...
Convento da Vila Tinto
₱ 550.00 ₱ 550.00 550.0 PHP

This ruby red wine has aromas of red fruits with some herbaceous notes coming from the Trincadeira grape. On the palate you also get strawberry and some level of tannins backed with a punchy acidity. Definitely a food wine to enjoy with meats and cheeses.

Cox Malbec
₱ 895.00 ₱ 895.00 895.0 PHP

This Malbec wine is fresh with ripe red fruit flavors and aromas. Very different from the Malbec we are all used to. Good with pork loin and some ribs.

Cox Pinot Noir
₱ 895.00 ₱ 895.00 895.0 PHP

This pale ruby colored wine is soft, ripe and easy to drink. Lots of strawberry and some mushroom aromas. Tannins are light with a touch of crisp acidity and rusticity. Good with light poultry dishes.

Croix Boissee
₱ 3,860.00 ₱ 3,860.00 3860.0 PHP

This rich red wine has very floral aromas accented by raspberry and red currants. The palate is similar with a lot of red fruits but with some spice, earth and a firm acidity. Good with roasts and some richer poultry dishes.

Cuvee des Galets
₱ 895.00 ₱ 895.00 895.0 PHP

A red wine made with no fining and no filtration. Very pronounced aromas of purple and red fruits. Youthful, light and fresh. A versatile food wine that can go with grilled fish or even a big, juicy steak.

El Molar
₱ 1,990.00 ₱ 1,990.00 1990.0 PHP

This wine is ruby red with notes of apricot and sweet strawberries. Refreshing acidity balances the wine. Good with paella or bean casserole with pork.

El Rey del Glam
₱ 1,410.00 ₱ 1,410.00 1410.0 PHP

This medium-bodied Garnacha wine has multiple flavors of ripe, juicy red fruit and spice. Best when drunk young. Pair it with barbecued meats and grilled vegetables.

Francois Labet Pinot Noir
₱ 1,115.00 ₱ 1,115.00 1115.0 PHP

A classic Pinot Noir with a touch of the Mediterranean. This light ruby wine has aromas and flavors of dark cherry, violets, sweet spice and a touch of earthiness. Its refreshing acidity makes it a good food wine. Try it with roast chicken or duck.

Cos Frappato
₱ 2,790.00 ₱ 2,790.00 2790.0 PHP

This bright red wine has notes of strawberries, orange peel and some sweet cinnamon. Tannins are silky and smooth. A juicy red wine that will go well with swordfish and maybe some tomato-based dishes.

Pinot Noir de Bourgogne
₱ 2,040.00 ₱ 2,040.00 2040.0 PHP
Three well-sited little plots that face the setting sun are behind this cuvée. The vines are pruned using the short, cordon method that gives little berries. This Burgundian variety was already to be found in our region at the beginning of the 20th century. Vines planted in th...
₱ 1,855.00 ₱ 1,855.00 1855.0 PHP
The vines for this wine grow on blue granite terroir Mont Brouilly. The rock has remained in its purest form. Our vineyard hides in a south-southeast facing dell that is bathed in sunshine from rise to set. It is sheltered from the north wind by a little deciduous wood. A spri...
₱ 1,575.00 ₱ 1,575.00 1575.0 PHP
The grapes for this wine only come from old vines. These give fewer grapes that are smaller and spaced further apart on the bunches. They can wait to be picked, really ripe. The winemaker takes particular care of this Burgundian method cuvée. The resulting wine is superb, in a...
L’Ancien Le Buissy
₱ 1,990.00 ₱ 1,990.00 1990.0 PHP
The grapes for this cuvée come from the oldest vines on the estate, all over 65 years old. 25 hl/ha, de-stemming, punching down, 4-week vatting and tun maturing. We are very proud of this cuvée that raises limestone Beaujolais to the highest level. This cuvée is only crafted i...
Le Mas
₱ 1,290.00 ₱ 1,290.00 1290.0 PHP
The kind of wine you drink with friends while cooking for them: a thirst quencher full of crisp fruit. “Le Mas” is the perfect substitute for sparkling or white wine for those who prefer red. It will taste great with a light meal such as a tomato and goat’s cheese salad, some...
Le Ronsay
₱ 1,175.00 ₱ 1,175.00 1175.0 PHP
To craft this wine, the fruit of the youngest vines on the estate is combined. Their roots are still near the surface and yields are generous. These plants will soon reach a balance, we can wait. This fresh wine was created to be easy to drink, intense, cheeky and joyful; it’s...