The Must 90's ~ 30 y.o. 46%
₱ 64,015.00 ₱ 64,015.00 64015.0 PHP
Launched in 2017, this rare single malt whiskey from Michel Couvreur was distilled in Scotland in December 1990 and transported to France, where it matured for more than 30 years. Over a quarter of a decade! A hint of maturation, concentrated and elegant floral flavors, subtle...
Rare Single Malt Whisky ~ Very Sherried 25 y.o. ~ 45% ~ 500mL
₱ 50,135.00 ₱ 50,135.00 50135.0 PHP
Classic old school single malt whisky from Michel Couvreur was matured for more than 20 years in sweet PX cask. Dark amber robe and ruby reflections. Vanilla, almond, and sherry flavors with fascinating tropical-style sensuality and intense silky texture. Extremely complex and...
Calvados ~ 12 Year Old
₱ 7,010.00 ₱ 7,010.00 7010.0 PHP
An intense, complex white wine from Normandy (France). With hints of roasted coffee, confit apples, and vanilla. The aromas of apples develop gradually to become dominant. Pairs well with glazed ham, roasted pork, soft cheeses, or fruit desserts.Grape Variety / Blend: Bittersw...