Single Malt Whisky ~ Pale Single Single ~ 45% ~ 700mL
₱ 9,680.00 ₱ 9,680.00 9680.0 PHP
This single malt whisky from Michel Couvreur inherited its pale color and discrete Sherry influence from fino sherry cask, which also made the whisky floral and slightly iodine. Nervous and fruity, sans wood astringency. Subtle and long in the mouth. Timid, as it needs time to...
Cereals Spirit ~ Couvreur’s Clearach ~ 43 % ~ 700mL
₱ 5,050.00 ₱ 5,050.00 5050.0 PHP
Be careful, it appears cloudy! It's normal, it's unfiltered and very Young. Typical to very young malts with almonds and frangipane (red jasmine) fragrance, nice grassy freshness with a slight touch of honey. Lively in the mouth, its maturation in wine casks, despite its young...
Blended Malt Whisky ~ Overaged Malt Whisky ~ 43% ~ 700mL
₱ 7,760.00 ₱ 7,760.00 7760.0 PHP
This blended malt whisky from Michel Couvreur will not disappoint. Distilled in Scotland, and then vatted single malts aged between 12 years and 27 years in sherry cask for a beautiful depth and complexity. Elegant and fabulously balanced between pure young malts and fathomles...
Blended Whisky ~ Cap A Pie ~ 45% ~ 700mL
₱ 6,460.00 ₱ 6,460.00 6460.0 PHP
Launched in 2018, this blended whisky from Michel Couvreur is a first edition but a definite classic in the making. Similar blend as “The Unique” whisky but with a greater share of malt whiskies to make the character more complex. Iodine and nutty aromas with hint of vanilla a...
Blended Whisky ~ The Unique ~ 44% ~ 700mL
₱ 4,400.00 ₱ 4,400.00 4400.0 PHP
This blended whisky from Michel Couvreur is an exception to his own range because it was matured in very old whisky casks. Traditionally called “grain whisky,” this nuanced blend of malted and unmalted Scotch whiskies is bestowed with a delicate character. Soft on the nose wit...
Millesime 1991 - Lot Numéro 5
₱ 18,545.00 ₱ 18,545.00 18545.0 PHP
An Amber color with golden reflections. An elegant nose with touch of aromas of dried fruits of almonds and hazelnuts accompanied by candied fruits, spices and toasted aromas of toast and tobaccos. On the palate, we find Domaine de Pounon a smokey with undergrowth character. B...