Blended Whisky ~ The Unique ~ 44% ~ 700mL
₱ 4,400.00 ₱ 4,400.00 4400.0 PHP
This blended whisky from Michel Couvreur is an exception to his own range because it was matured in very old whisky casks. Traditionally called “grain whisky,” this nuanced blend of malted and unmalted Scotch whiskies is bestowed with a delicate character. Soft on the nose wit...
Calvados ~ Vieille Reserve V.S.O.P.
₱ 4,760.00 ₱ 4,760.00 4760.0 PHP
A fantastic apple brandy from Normandy (France). With intense and soft aromas of fresh oak, vanilla sugar, and candied fruits. Best pairs with glazed hame, soft cheeses, and fruit dessert. The apple juice is fermented right out to give cider to be distilled. Double distillatio...
Calvados ~ Hors D’âge
₱ 5,780.00 ₱ 5,780.00 5780.0 PHP
A fantastic apple brandy from Normandy (France). With Pleasant aromas with good complexity, lightly wooded. Fruit aromas of apple and banana. Floral hints of rose and jasmine. Develops in complexity when smelt again after swirling—pairs well with glazed ham, roasted pork, soft...
Calvados ~ Fine
₱ 3,215.00 ₱ 3,215.00 3215.0 PHP
A bright gold brandy from Normandy (France). With complex, very intense aromas of apple, pear, vanilla, and citrus with earthy hints. Round and fresh, which shows fruity aromas of vanilla and dried fruits. A well-integrated whole with good intensity. A very simplistic expressi...
Single Malt Whisky ~ VJ Maturation ~ 10 y.o. 2021 ~ 500mL
₱ 10,500.00 ₱ 10,500.00 10500.0 PHP
This rare single malt whisky from Michel Couvreur is an exclusive cross-over with one of the Jura's finest wine producers, Stephan Tissot. The spirit was distilled on 05 Feb 2009 and shipped to the MC cellars in Burgundy where it was filled into decades-old casks previously us...